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IWFM Qualifications Explained

IWFM is the Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management. Worldwide, it has a membership of approximately 14,000 as the entity for workplace and facilities professionals. It was established in 2018, aimed at empowering and enabling professionals to achieve their potential and make the most from their careers.

IWFM qualifications are helpful in getting your work acknowledged and providing the foundation for pathways to promotions after graduation. There are many levels of qualifications, so read on to learn a little more and get an idea of what we offer.


Who are IWFM Qualifications For?

The basis of IWFM qualifications are that they provide learners with the latest skills and information for developing careers in workplace and facilities management. They can be for people who are new to the industry, or for experts with years of experience under their belts.

The higher the level, the more sophisticated your knowledge of a certain profession will be. Whatever level you are at, there is something to suit you.


What are the Benefits of an IWFM Qualification?

Completion of an IWFM can help with the following:

  • Progressing your career.
  • Demonstrating a commitment to professional development.
  • Building capabilities in teams.
  • Improve your potential earnings.
  • Achieving an internationally-recognised qualification in facilities management.
  • Improving confidence and boosting workplace credibility.
  • Acquire knowledge and skills aligned with professional standards.

What Level of IWFM Qualification Should I Choose?

IWFM qualifications range from levels 2-7, each offering varying degrees of knowledge and skills for learners. Here’s a brief summary of each level.

IWFM Level 2

The perfect course for newcomers to workplace and facilities management, whether you have ideas of moving into the profession or are actively seeking a career change.

IWFM Level 3

The course to take if you are a first-line manager or supervisor. It can also work for new recruits to the profession or anyone seeking a career change.

IWFM Level 4

This is ideal for anyone working at an operational management level. If you are responsible for managing day-to-day operations, in-house or outsourced, this will equip you with key skills and knowledge.

IWFM Level 5

Optimised for specialist facilities managers and people working in middle or senior management. The training will help equip you with skills to assist when responsible for specialised functions.

IWFM Level 6

This is training for senior facilities managers responsible for areas like planning and strategy. If you are involved in these areas of governance and risk management, this course could provide you with invaluable skills.

IWFM Level 7

A course for senior facilities management professionals. If you want to develop your knowledge and understanding of different perspectives within the profession, this is the training for you.


IWFM Level 4 in More Detail

We offer Level 4 IWFM training as either a Certificate or Diploma. We have found that this course covers a broad range of skills and knowledge and is the most relevant for the majority of learners. Let’s look into what this training course provides in more detail.

IWFM Level 4 Mandatory Units

Generally speaking, training at this level will provide a broad understanding of the profession and deliver the skills required to complete complex, non-routine tasks in workplace and facilities management.

The mandatory units for the Diploma are as follows (only the first and last units are included in the Certificate):

  • Overview of facilities management.
  • Understanding facilities management strategy.
  • Understanding people management in facilities management.
  • Understanding facilities management support service operations.
  • Managing health and safety in areas of facilities management.

IWFM Level 4 Credits

There are also various optional units available that are useful for people in different roles and sectors. For the Certificate, you are required to earn 24 credits, completing the two mandatory units and another two optional ones. If you take the Diploma, you must earn at least 48 credits, completing the five mandatory units and a further three optional ones.

IWFM Level 4 Entry Requirements

There are no official qualifying criteria for this course, but you will likely have a background in facilities management with responsibility for day-to-day operations, various support services, budgets, and facilities management projects. This is a 4-month training course that can allow advanced entry into Year 2 of the BSc (Hons) Facilities and Workplace Management degree.


IWFM Level 5 in More Detail

The Certificate and Diploma at IWFM Level 5 are designed for specialist facilities managers and people working at middle or senior management level, responsible for specialised functions.

You will learn the skills required to complete complex tasks, and the knowledge to take responsibility for planning and delivering solutions whilst developing a specialist expertise in your profession.

IWFM Level 5 Mandatory Units

The mandatory units for the Diploma are as follows (only the second and third units are required for the Certificate):

  • Facilities management development and trends.
  • Organisational and facilities management strategy.
  • Managing people in facilities management.
  • Risk management in facilities management.
  • Financial management in facilities management.

IWFM Level 5 Credits

Again, there are various optional units to choose from for Level 5, covering specialist areas like managing negotiations and customer service. For the Certificate, you must earn a minimum of 24 credits, consisting of two mandatory units and two optional ones.

For the Diploma, the minimum credit requirement is 48, and you must complete the five mandatory units plus three optional ones. Typically, the Certificate takes 12 months to complete, while the Diploma will take around 18 months to finish.

IWFM Level 5 Entry Requirements

Although there are no formal entry requirements, if you are considering this course, you will likely be a single- or multi-site operations manager with responsibility for partner relations, performance management, and major projects with capital spend. You will learn key skills and knowledge for these things, understanding how to address complex problems and develop specialist skills for your role.


Final Thoughts on IWFM Qualifications

The highest-paid professionals in facilities management hold degrees. But all of them began their development with qualifications, and IWFM is a nationally and internationally recognised standard that lays the foundation for a prosperous career in the field.

IWFM qualifications enable you to upskill and earn more money in the short-term. And they also set you up to maximise your financial reward and career fulfilment in the longer term.

We urge you to explore these training courses further and get a stronger understanding of how they could benefit your career.


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