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Mind your head and ears

PIP Services Ltd is a company that is proud to offer the finest courses for SSSTS London has. The intention of our syllabus is to instruct site supervisors on how to run their construction areas safely. In addition to the Health and Safety at Work Act, we will teach you about things like specific site issues and the control of subcontractors. At the end, you will become a far more effective part of your organisation.

In construction, personal protective equipment (PPE) acts as the final line of security for safeguarding employees against injuries. It is an employer’s responsibility to introduce engineering controls as well as other safety procedures to stop accidents and other incidents. Should these measures fail, the equipment is there to step up to the plate if a situation does arise. To ensure that your workers are well protected, you should pay attention to these tips we’ve produced on using this gear.

Head protection

Hard hats defend labourers from flying and falling articles and avert striking head wounds. Additionally, they insulate the wearer from electrical shocks. Because the conditions on these sites frequently evolve, it’s best to have everyone wear their helmets as often as necessary.

Hearing protection

Something else that employers must consider is how to protect hearing. You need to utilise specific PPE whenever it is impossible to lower the duration or amount of noise. Passable hearing defence options include earplugs and earmuffs. You need to have the former fitted separately by an expert. Plain cotton designs are not considered a decent form of protection and therefore, you shouldn’t rely on them.

At PIP Services Ltd, our SSSTS course is interactive in nature. It consists of group and individual activities, class discussions, and case study work. No pre-requisites are necessary for this qualification and you’re free to move onto the SMSTS course afterwards if you wish.

We are proud to be one of the best names for SSSTS London has to offer. If you there’s anything you would like to ask us, please get in touch.



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