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The Importance of SSSTS Qualification and Certification

Each year sees thousands of injuries and numerous fatalities occur at construction sites across the UK. There are some who speculate that this is, whilst regrettable and unfortunate, simply an inevitable and unavoidable consequence of the increased number of building projects presently underway. We adamantly disagree with this particular view.

Our CITB certified SSSTS qualification training in Dagenham, Essex ensures that site supervisors in charge of projects across the capital have the competencies to contribute towards a dramatic reduction in the number of incidents.

There are some who view the SSSTS Qualification as an introductory one, as it’s widely known to be the first stage of the CITB management qualification ladder. This can be somewhat misleading, as it tends to imply that those undertaking the training are only getting a broad overview. Whilst it is aimed more at those moving into a supervisory role than it is those currently in a managerial position, it is not accurate to see it simply an introductory qualification.

The two day SSSTS course provides supervisors with the knowledge required for ensuring safety processes are adhered to on specific site locations. This involves giving them an understanding of the relevant regulations behind Health and Safety issues, how to address location relevant matters such as working at a height, and proper responsibility control measures when working with subcontractors.

We are proud to support the CITB in efforts to make building and construction sites across the UK as safe and incident free as possible. Our training courses comply with their requirements and delivers the same high standards of training.

With the number of new projects anticipated to commence over the next five year period reaching record highs it is vital to ensure the number of injuries and fatalities does not grow exponentially. Having SSSTS qualified supervisors on site is a crucial factor for achieving this. We are immensely proud to help train them.

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